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Loss In Weight Feeders

Model: LE LWFV Volumetric dosing
Model: LE LWFG Gravimetric Dosing

Using volumetric dosing screws which achieve an accuracy of + 5-10 % if the set up is suitable for such low density products. Using screw feeders on load cells LE LWF can provide accuracy of about + 1% according to the intended mass flow.

Volumetric Capacity: Up to 1000 kg/hr).
Screw Sizes: Range from 10 mm . (variable pitch) to 300 mm solid flight or open helix with centre through shaft.
Scale Type: FLATFORM Scale System (dead load is mass-counterbalanced).
Scale Capacity (live load): variable up to 100 grams to 1000 kg. (As customer requirement)
Hopper Capacity: Depending on the customer requirement.
Accuracy: 0.25% to 1% of set rate and 30 revolutions of the screw or 1% of scale capacity.


  • Accurately measures load regardless of load position.
  • Immune to support structure deflections and process vibrations.
  • Inherently self aligns to gravity.
  • 100 % over load capacity. Scale may be suspended from above or supported below.
  • Immune to shock or impact loads.
  • Easily accessible load cell can be re-rated to meet future capacity changes without removing the feeder.

The Model: - LE - LWF is a multi purpose Loss-In Weight-Feeder designed to assure accurate and uniform feeding of a wide range of materials, from free flowing to very fine cohesive powders.

Exclusive Powder Feeder Technology: with independently driven agitator assures precise, reliable delivery of material to the feed screw. Eliminates material build-up, controls material aeration and delivers a steady constant flow of material.

Optional compound flight feed screw can be used with most materials to downwardly extend the operating range of the feeder.

Fast and easy to clean: The PF-LC-S is designed for fast, easy and thorough clean out. Feeder completely disassembles in less than one minute. High quality, rugged, stainless steel construction assures years of reliable, trouble free operation.


  • The Cable Suspension/Top mount Scale is the most rugged and forgiving Load Cell Weighing System available on the market. It can take more physical abuse and can tolerate more foundation distortion/deflection than all other known designs.
  • The exclusive design provides extremely high sensitivity. Feeder dead load is mass-counterbalanced so that only material weight (live load) is measured. This feature helps assure excellent control in noisy environments. All of the articulate parts of the scale mechanism are supported from axially inextensible, but laterally yieldable suspension elements (stainless steel pre-stressed aircraft cable), which are arranged to hang freely, thereby avoiding any appreciable spring or hysteretic effects, variations in mechanical advantage, or binding due to imperfect leveling.
  • Because of this unique mechanical property of the force transmission system, any laterally directed forces and shocks on the scale or its supported machinery can not cause destructive shear and bending stresses to develop in the elements themselves or at the load cell junction. The system, being yieldable in the lateral direction, is therefore effectively and completely protected by using laterally placed stops in proximity of the weighed structure.

Working System
Weight loss is measured by a highly accurate, very sensitive, high output electronic force measurement sensor. This model is a force measuring device designed specifically for use with Flintec weighing systems. It is a precision-built, heavy duty device designed for long term stability and accuracy under the most demanding applications. It is initially calibrated and installed by the factory and normally requires no routine maintenance.

Product Categories


  • Detergent powder, Pharmaceutical Powder
  • Talcum Powder, Mehndi, Curry Powder, etc