Auger/Powder Filling

Introduction Application:
The Lucas Electronics is the leading manufacturer of auger fillers. The model Au Series is the precise filing of products such as milk powder, flour and baking mixtures, icing sugar, soups, ground coffee, tea and spices, as well as for various chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The new filler can achieve up to 80 filling operations per minute, with a total throughput of up to 180 litters per minute.

The product is fed into the agitator funnel either via a direct in feed or a frequency-controlled cross feed auger. Within the funnel, a stirring unit ensures consistent product density and homogeneity. The servo-driven auger screw provides precise dosages while a sensor situated in the funnel checks and maintains the filling level. To process products with varying consistency, the Au series offers optimized conical, gate, cut-off or pressure-disc closures. Optimal port closure prevents any after spill of the handled material and avoids contamination in the sealing area of the packaging, ensuring that packages are leak proof and accurate in weight.

The swiveling agitator funnel folds open for fast and easy cleaning. Product changeovers, for instance from gluten-free to gluten-containing or allergen-free products, are fast and efficient, with the option to use a second horizontal in feed auger. This solution significantly increases productivity and reduces downtime. With the new auger dozer AU series we have developed a highly cost-efficient product for the volumetric filling of granular and powdery products.

Integration into packaging lines:
For integration into packaging machines, the AU series is fitted with its own operating control panel. The auger filler machine concept also allows easy integration into linear, Rotary and any type of packing lines.

Product Categories


  • Detergent powder, Pharmaceutical Powder
  • Talcum Powder, Mehndi, Curry Powder, etc