Augur/Powder Filling



Vertical Form Seal Machine with Auger Filler
These automatic form fill machines are fully automatic fill and seal pouch packing machines with advanced auger filler system to pack various powder products like milk powder, detergent powder, spices, flour, instant mixes, pesticides, cosmetic powder, pharmacy products etc. in heat seal-able laminated pouches.

The flexible Package Form Fill and Seal Machine which forms packs from a reel of flexible material, on one or a number of mandrels, before filling the packs with product and sealing their tops within the machine. Packs are formed using flexible packaging material on one or more mandrel to form the pack which is then filled and sealed within the machine.

Product Description:
Main specification

  1. Metering mode: Constant feed screw rotation filling
  2. The Max Film Width (mm): 380
  3. Bagging Size (mm): L 80-250 W 80-180
  4. Intensity of Sealing: Width=15
  5. Packing Speed (Packs/min): 15~40 bags/min
  6. Total Power (kw): 4.5(220V)
  7. Net Weight (kg): 700kg
  8. Outer Dimension (L*W*H) (mm): 1440*975*2500mm
  9. Adopting photo eye control system.
  10. Efficient, stable function, artistic appearance, easy to operate.
  11. Exact measurement of quantities.
  12. Simple and easy to understand the system of machine

Product Categories


  • Detergent powder, Pharmaceutical Powder
  • Talcum Powder, Mehndi, Curry Powder, etc