Liquid Filling

Liquid filler Linear LF-1000

Linear volumetric liquid filler 100 fills p/min | L Series

The Linear series liquid filling machine provides quick, accurate and advanced straight-line filling. The horizontal position of the filling units allow for the ability to handle a wide variety of products from free-flowing or water-thin to viscous or thicker products. The Linear Series can accommodate up to 8 filling units for a production rate of 100 fills/pm and Custom filling heads are available to meet different filling requirements which can fill a wide range of container shapes and sizes. This automatic liquid filling machine is easy to operate, provides a quick and easy changeover.

Available with motorized conveyor and indexing package for integrated container handling and positioning. No Container/No Fill feature detects missing or dispositional containers to prevent waste and product spillage. Unique variable, separate speed control and actuator of a dual-stage fill provides precise "no spill" control for top-off applications or filling difficult products. (Optional) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) ensures reliable, repeatable control with minimal operator intervention.

Quantity setting: The filling volume can be controlled by the stroke of air cylinder
Metering Systems: Piston, Lobe, Gear, Positive Displacement, Rolling Diaphragms
Container/Closure: Glass, Plastic, Stoppers, Over caps, Child Resistant, Tamper Evident.
Application: High Volume Production, Contract Packaging, Quick Changeover, OEM Applications, Hotel Amenities, Cost Reduction, Pen Filling
Industry: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food/Beverage, Healthcare, Personal Care, Chemical Specialty, Veterinary
Product: Viscous, Semi-Viscous, Water Thin, Lotion, Cream, Gel, Particulate Laden Material, Molten Products, Shampoo, Adhesives, Laundry Detergent etc.