Piston Filling


  • Filling Range: 5 to 35,25 to 100, 50 to 250, 100 to 500 & 200 to 1000ml models are standard
  • Approximate Speed: 8-14 pcs/min on single head 16-28 pcs/min on double head (depending on operator speed, product density, draw length, a fill speed, among others)
  • Suitable to fill low to high-density liquids (0 - 10,000 cp)
  • All Parts in Contact with Product are Food Grade (SS 316)
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rugged Rotary Valve System Design
  • Operation : Fully Pneumatic, Digital, Stepper, Servo are available
  • HPU Seal-ring System
  • Adjustable :Volumetric Piston System with optional Numeric Reference Display
  • Piston Feed Speed Adjustment
  • No-drip Option Included and Installed
  • Extremely Accurate (+/- 1%)
  • Extremely Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect Pneumatic Fittings.

Control Panel

  • Master Start/Stop
  • Cycle Reset Button
  • Semi Auto/Continuous Operation Selector Switch
  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • Air Intake Pressure Adjustment
  • Piston Volume Adjust with Numeric Display

Other Specifications

  • Includes Electro-mechanic Industrial Duty Pedal switch
  • Includes Parts kit
  • Voltage: 230v / 50Hz / 1P

Other Options: (not included with the machine - inquire for availability)

  • Double Jacket Heated Hoppers (For Hot Products)
  • Agitating Auger (For Products that need mixing)
  • Custom Nozzles (To direct flow and/or to prevent foaming, splashing, excessive aeration, etc.)
  • Various O-ring Materials (Teflon®, Silicon, Encapsulated Silicon, etc.)
  • Photo Eye for Automatic Cycle Actuation

Different Types Of Nozzles Available:

Our Vertical Plug Spout Nozzles are the industry standard in dispensing nozzles. Our 2 and 3 position models. Select from a variety of options including, Peek, or Waukesha alloy spool valves, shear edge models, and air-shot-thru piston models to aid in clean fills.

Horizontal Cut-off Nozzles are the leading choice for many bakery applications that use thick, slurry-type products with or without particles.

Capillary Nozzles provide drip-free dispensing of thin liquids. Available in single or multiple tube versions, these nozzles provide a clean laminar flow of product during dispensing and a clean cut-off.

Bevel Seat Nozzles are bottom shut-off, no-drip dispensing nozzles designed for thin liquids or thick creams. They are available in opening sizes ranging from .25” to 1.9” with a variety of lengths for top filling or bottom-up filling containers.

Inverted Cone Nozzles are the ideal choice for liquids, creams, homogeneous sauces, and sticky products. They provide extremely clean drip-free dispensing and a softer, diffused fill that helps eliminate splashing.

Rotary Cut-off Nozzles are a versatile style of nozzle for thick products, with or without particulates. The rotary nozzle provides a clean cut-off of the product flow, and is recommended for products that build-up such as fudge, soup bases, or products with high sugar or salt content.

Guillotine and Wire Cut-off Nozzles are most commonly used in the meat, cheese, and baking industries with a vacuum staffer to extrude extremely thick products such as cubed, ground, or full muscle meats, chicken, sausage, cheese, and dough. The guillotines are available in a variety of custom extruder horn diameters as well as custom shapes.

Overflow Filling Nozzles are designed for filling thinner liquid products dispensed from pressure overflow filler. Volumetric Technologies manufactures a wide variety of overflow filling nozzles for our overflow fillers, as well as overflow nozzle replacements for other brands. Overflow nozzles dive into the container and are compressed open, allowing the product to flow through the nozzle. When the container is full, it overflows into the return line, the nozzle is then retracted and the product flow shut off.