Impulse Sealing

Tube Sealer Model PN-SL-300 T

Lucas Electronics mfg. Pneumatically Operated Plastic Tube Sealer is the economical model for sealing plastics tubes which are ideal for use in medical, cosmetic, scientific laboratory or any other medium volume production environment. This Tube Sealer is adaptable from the smallest to the largest size tubes and can seal thick or thin wall polyethylene or other thermoplastic collapsible tubes. The Tube Sealer is the economical answer for sealing plastic or plastic lined tubes. This unit makes sealing plastic tubes easy. Fast and reliable, this machine seals one rack of tubes in the time it takes to prepare a second rack. A one standard size rack is included with each machine. When you order, please send us you sample tubes on order to build your racks.

An external air supply is required to run this pneumatic sealer. This machine is prefect for small batch runs, research & lab use or start-up operations. It?s easy, safe and economical to operate, and the heat and cool timers ensure repeatable seal performance time after time.


  • 10 Second Adjustable Electronic Heat Timer
  • 60 Second Adjustable Electronic Cool Timer
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • One Standard Size Rack

Product Categories


    Master Seal Impulse hand sealers make excellent air and water tight seals on
  • Polyethylene, Pliofilm, P.V.A., Polyurethane
  • Kel-F, Tivac, Polyvinylchloride, Saran
  • Polypropylene, Mylar, Nylon, Polyflex, and all other heat sealable materials.