Granule Filling

Granule FFS Semi PN-G 250 Namkeen

Vertical FFS bagging machine The Model LE-FFS---G Series of Volumetric Cup Filling Systems offer an economic, high quality solution for filling dry free flowing products. The different (2, 4, 6, 8) cup stations adopted for automatic feeding, is ideal for low/ high cycle rate applications. Constructed with stainless steel and other approved product contact parts, operators can expect a durable long lasting machine that will time-in and time-out bring profit to your bottom line.

The range has been specially developed for the production of small sachets for small and medium scale industries. The machine can be used for a variety of free flowing food and non-food products. Stainless steel construction, dosing system, and date coder come standard on this machine. The movement of the horizontal and the vertical seal bar operated by pneumatic controlled system. Film transport is done by a clutch & break controller. An air connection is needed. The compact construction results in a mobile, low maintenance, user friendly packaging machine.

Main features:

  • User friendly control panel
  • Stainless steel covering
  • Easily adjustable bag length
  • Adjustable speed (optional)
  • PID Digital temperature controllers
Specs\Models LE-FFS-50G LE-FFS-250G LE-FFS-500W LE-FFS-1000G
Pouch size 60 mm x 80 mm 100 mm x 120 mm 150 mm x 180 mm 225 mm x 250 mm
Speed 40 to 60Pouches/m 30 to 40Pouches/m 20 to 25 Pouches/m 12 to 20 Pouches/m
Power 1 kw 1.2 kw 1.5 kw 2 kw
Packing Material All Laminated Films

Product Categories


    These machines suitable for filling all types of granular materials
  • Granular, Seeds, Rice, Popcorn, Beans, Gravel, Candies
  • Sugar, pepper, tea, rice, peanuts, seeds, nankeens etc