Band Sealer


CS-004V Laminated Pouch sealer upto 2kgs

Band sealers are very versatile; therefore they can seal a wide range of heat sealable films.  Although used primarily for soft films, also known as unsupported films, they can also be used on certain hard films (supported or high density films) and specialty films. Sealing and cooling periods are set to an optimum level to achieve a good seal. All types of thermoplastic films can be sealed on the CONTINUOUS SEALER. LDPE, HDPE, PP and PVC film below 0.2mm thickness, foil and polyester can be used. Band Sealers speeds are considerably faster than intermittent types of sealing and perform well on various bag types including gusset bags.  Band Sealers can seal through a higher degree of seal contamination (dust) than other methods.

Voltage: 230 volt/50/ 60~ Hz
Power: 1800W
Speed: 8000 mm/min max
Sealing width: 6 to 12mm
Temp range: Up to 300ºC
Weight: 48 kgs
Teflon Belt size: 15 x 750/900mm
Weight handling: 2000 grams max.
Grip Belt: M5 x 437
Conveyor Belt: 125x 2000/1575mm
Size: 900 x 350 x 500mm

(Gas Purge system available on all sealers)

Product Categories


  • Bags for food, confectionery, powders, cakes, candles, seeds, grains, sweet and wet substances.
  • Packing for mechanical parts, screw bolts, tools electronic and electrical components, toys etc.
  • Sterilized pouches for medical instruments, pathological samples, sanitary packaging, packaging of pharmaceuticals and drugs.